Eat That Sock!
(hint: you can tell how much I like a game by how long its write-up is)


Eat That Sock! 
(Dec. 2000)
This game started it all.  It was developed in December 2000, forgotten, then found in March 2001, whereupon a better title screen was added, a background MIDI added, and it was released, then sent to the president's e-mail address. The chances that it got through are slim, although it's fun to imagine that George W. Bush is sitting there playing Eat That Sock! instead of addressing important world issues.  Initial reactions included many "Um"'s and other such words of confusion. This game is probably the hardest, as it requires 100 socks for a win as opposed to a mere 25 or 15 per level in the other games.  

Eat That Sock 2! (beta)
(Mar. 2001)
This game was made immediately after the original Eat That Sock! release; however, it was not released and was forgotten until the time came to make Eat That Sock All-Stars!, when it was resurrected and placed in that game with the added subtitle of "The Lost Level." You can't download it here. To get it, you must find all five of the secret Golden Coins hidden throughout the site!

Eat That Sock 2! 
(Jul. 2001)
This game was made shortly after returning from camp in 2001's summer.  Everything has a slight red tone.  The game features an astoundingly fast frame-rate that is possibly unmatched in any other video game in the universe..  This is also the first game to feature a plot (!) and to feature Sock-Junior.  And it's also the first to include a form of counter for knowing how many socks are required to pass to the next level (it's also the first to have multiple levels).  It's the last game not to scroll, but oh well.

Super Eat That Sock!
(Jul. 2001)
The first game to feature parallax scrolling.  It has four levels plus a boss.  Originally Eat That Sock 3!, it was intended to have the same red-on-black format as the first game, but this time with shades of red only. But this was scrapped, although the red outlines can still be seen on some backdrops.  There were originally going to be many more levels, but this was also scrapped. A lot was scrapped, in fact.  This is the first game to feature Sock-Bill, so hooray.  Some (including myself) believe this to be the best Eat That Sock! game.  It generated quite a bit of hype before its release, with a .avi video of some of it being released about two days before the game itself.  "Quite a bit" is relative, of course. I think about two people were looking forward to it.

Eat That Sock Advance!
(Aug. 2001)
One of the more forgotten Eat That Sock games, Eat That Sock Advance! features four dark, small levels plus the obligatory laughably easy boss level.  It's basically just like Super Eat That Sock but a little different. Nothing special here.  The final bosses are, for the uninformed, Ping and Peer, who randomly disconnect people in the chat room. Last two levels inspired by DarkJon.

Eat That Sock Country! 
(Aug. 2001)
This game started with better graphics than it has now.  For example, the trees on the first level used to be more visible; you can just see the tips of them now. But the game's graphics corrupted. The tops of the trees you see are the only parts of those sprites that didn't turn into complete rubbish.  You can see one line of what almost all of the graphics became in the level right before the boss. This game is the first to feature fighting ETS's "primary" villain, Myrkor. By the way, I'll give you something nice if you can tell me the difference between the screenshot I used here and that same level in the game.

Eat That Sock FX! 
(Sept. 2001)
Without a doubt, this is the most forgotten Eat That Sock game. I even forgot to list it in the old Eat That Sock page. It's nothing special, really. I used the "Super TGFX" plugin to create "real" polygons in the backdrop, along with happy dots that give a sense of 3D. Boring. La la la. First level's music doesn't work because TGF is stupid.

Eat That Sock All-Stars!
(Sept. 2001)
Another mostly forgotten game.  This is nothing more than graphical improvements over the first three games.  The original was made before Eat That Sock Country, but was dropped because of the same graphics corruption that Eat That Sock Country suffered.  Later it was picked up again and remade, this time with simpler graphics.

Eat That Sock RPG!
(Feb. 2002)
This may be my favorite Eat That Sock game aside from Super Eat That Sock.  This beautifully scripted and translated game features an engrossing, interactive plot that is creative and surprising.  Graphics range from rendered characters to drawings, but they all have a very high quality.  The gameplay is immersive and very fun. Here's a hint: don't believe anything I just said. Also, a harder "remix" version of ETSRPG was designed for the CanjDiskDrive, and was completed, but when the CanjDiskDrive failed horribly in the market, it was shelved. Now you can get it here. It has been re-translated by CanJap Translations, and it contains areas missing from contemporary manuscripts and only found in the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls, which date to 300 BC.

Eat That Sock 3D! 
(Aug. 2002)
Hooray for mode-7.  In Eat That Sock 3D! you guide Sock-Junior through four 3D worlds. It's as if it adds another dimension to ETS! Ha, ha.  Here, Myrkor's kidnapped Sock-Bob. I guess this takes place sequentially before ETSRPG then.  Well whatever.  Myrkor's using Sock-Bob as his crown, which is quite cruel. So you need to save our poor hero. This game was originally developed with a different 3D plugin and was called Eat That Sock 64!, but that plugin was ridiculous and unusable and it made me cry so I just used mode7.  The game will crash and die if you try to edit the images of the socks etc., which are stored outside the game. Collision detection may be a bit spotty.

Eat That Sock X! 
(Nov. 2002)
The tenth Eat That Sock! game excluding ETS2 Beta, Eat That Sock X! is a back-to-the-roots effort complete with voice acting and cinematic scenes to illustrate the deep, complex, involving plot. Based on Eat That Sock Country 2, this game features the gameplay that has recently been sacrificed in ETS3D and ETSRPG. It also includes voice acting by me. Unfortunately, my favorite level (the one in the screenshot!) was eliminated by a glitch, but it's still nice. The final battle is quite emotional for both you and your vicarious heroes! Canjo pronounces the title as Eat That Sock Ecks, not Eat That Sock Ten.

Eat That Sock Kids!
(Dec. 2002)
Have you ever wondered what the childhoods of Sock-Bill, Sock-Junior, and Sock-Bob were like? Have you ever wanted to see how they came to be how they are now? And would you like to do it in that unique Eat That Sock style? Well now you can! In Eat That Sock Kids, you can choose to follow the story of either of the three main characters! The graphic style is designed to be childlike, and may appear crude, but it is in fact very deep. Just like all of the other games.


Eat That Sock RPG 2!
(Nov. 2003)
After many false starts, this massive game is finally complete. First envisioned directly after the release of the first Eat That Sock RPG!, this game's first incarnation was completely different than its current one. That version suffered under disorganized planning and goals too high to meet; and the second version never progressed more than a title screen. The third version, made in RPG Maker 2000, suffered from the same problems as the first version, but used the second version's plot. It was abandoned before it even really got started. Then, months later, the author decided to plow into his work and actually make the game, and this, the fourth, incarnation resulted. Completed in about two weeks and beta tested in one, this game is completely different from the other versions. And now, it is complete--ETSRPG2!. In the dark of the night, Sock-Junior and Sock-Bill are assaulted by one Zath, who demands that they kill her. They do, but wonder what exactly is going on, and in the morning, they set out on a quest that leads them through Sockae and beyond to the ends of the earth!


Eat That Sock RPG 3!
(Nov. 2003)
The final game of Eat That Sock! features an epic journey through time and a struggle by the protagonists with inner questions about their own origins and the fate of the universe. In this game, the true origins of Sock-Bob, Sock-Junior, and Sock-Bill are uncovered, and the origin of evil in the universe is found to be much closer to home than either I or the Sock-crew would like to believe. In this epic journey through time, we will encounter new friends, new enemies, and new party members to join in the ranks of the heroes of socks. Join them, and uncover the new meaning of adventure--through your own heart. Not as good as ETSRPG2.


The adventure of Eat That Sock! may be over for me, but it certainly is not for you. You can continue making your own Eat That Sock! games to your hearts' content with Eat That Sock Maker! Also, check out the archive of creations in ETS Maker here.



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