Happy Question of the Day
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I don't know if these are Word Wrapped or not. They should be.

The Happy Question of the Day is run by Schroe on the Cork Board at schroe.org.  In it, Schroe asks a happy question, and people make happy answers. Mine are generally dumb but I rather liked these ones:

Q: Write a story with "and then I ate it" at the end.
I managed to be dyslexic and put that line at the beginning but whatever. This one's about a psychopathic science teacher named Mr. Meltyhuggle! It is to be noted that I wasn't taking Creative Writing when I wrote this. 

Q: How can you possibly be so calm?
I had an idea and worked it awkwardly around the question. It is an idea that came to me while seeing the Lion King musical in London in summer of 2002. The Lion Tsar! 

Q: What can you do for your Commune?
Another idea I worked around the question. This one's based on a dream of mine wherein a person in a magical fantasy land is evicted by lawyers and must live in the real world! I've tried to rework this into a better story, but so far I haven't succeeded. 



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