Not-by-Me Games


Eat That Sock VB!
Hey! It's the first Eat That Sock! fan game. And the only one, maybe. It's not an ETS Maker game, since it was made many moons before ETS Maker was finished.

Hannah-Barbara: The Game (remake!)
With this astounding game you can relive your favorite chase scenes from every Hannah-Barbara feature ever!

NES Museum
Don't have an NES? Now you can play your favorite NES games from times of yore on this authentic game! It's just like playing a real NES today!

SJJ Adventure
This is a nice game made about SergeantJamJars using his amazing work from isketch. Not really a fan game, but where else to put it?



Canjo Surfing
This is a nice game Ettin made for a Secret Santa thing in 2003. Even though we didn't have a Secret Santa then. Well, whatever.


Canjo Surfing 2
The sequel!!!



I'm sure you've all played and enjoyed Yumblie and bhlaab's BKPC and BKPC2. For those not in the know, they are an excellent series of Banjo fan games, and for once I'm not being sarcastic when I say that. And since they can't find hosting elsewhere, apparently, they have to host the third installment of the series here.

Escape from Ettin Industries
This game is fraught with action!

YBK folks, remember all those Vitalize! minigames that were on the site? Here they are on versions you can play at home! Hooray! I recommend Banjo's Picross.

RMB Gang: forgot the subtitle
This is a random RMB Gang game! Hooray! Explosion. (bhlaab is telling me that the title is Honey Basket Doors but I think he's lying.)



Eat That Sock Maker! Archive
To run these, put the .etsm file in your Windows directory, or whatever directory INIs usually are in. If you want your own included here, e-mail it to me at rljf_1 at


Don't Eat That Sock Ever!
by Jeff

Happy Book Eat That Sock 1000000!
by SergeantJamJars

Funky Car Eat That Sock :DDD!
by SergeantJamJars

Retarded Eat That Sock Advance!
by Ettin

Never Ever Eat That Sock! NOOOOOOOOOOO
by Ettin

Super Joy Eat That Sock Happy Fun Time!
by Ettin

Poop Eat That Sock Poop!
by Jonzcool


Eat That Sock!
Not by Me!

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