TI-83 Calculator Games


Foodman (Sept? 2000)
This was my very first foray into programming for the TI-83. As a result, it's incredibly basic, consisting only of text and menus in a silly choose-your-adventure game. Bear in mind that I was an idiot when I made this.  

Foodman 2 (Jan? 2001)
The same idiocy rule applies for this as for the first Foodman. Like that one, this one too is just text and menus, although it is larger and reportedly funner. It culminates in a climactic court scene with Judge Judy: Insane Old Crackpot.

Eat That Sock 83! (Nov? 2002)
Since those text games, I have become quite proficient in programming the calculator, and I have several quite advanced games. Unfortunately my cats ate my graph link so I can't upload them. This one was simple enough, however, that I could copy it manually into the program editor on the computer. As a result, I'm not sure if it works.

Some of those games I couldn't upload:
Silly RPG
Bug Whack
Cake Baking Simulator 3000
Snake 2: Revenge of What
& more than I can't remember offhand.


Eat That Sock!
Not by Me!

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