Miscellaneous or Unfinished Games

FoodManTGF (Late 2000, Early 2001)
A spin-off of the calculator games made in TGF. Terrible.

Fred's ASCII Adventure (Early 2001)
About Fred, a.k.a. ~~<'_'>~~, in stupid adventures. There was also a second version whose rejection led to my focusing on Eat That Sock!. It was bad too.

Office Quest 2 (Early/Middle 2001)
There was no Office Quest 1. This was about a magical paper creature fighting an evil staple remover. What was I thinking?

Real 1D Game (Middle 2001)
Made between Eat That Sock 2! and Super Eat That Sock! to tide people over. This amazing game breaks down the 2D barrier in the wrong direction.

Student Council (Late 2000)
A calculator game that nearly led to my suspension from school. Also it had a TGF spinoff, "Student Council," and an unfinished sequel, "Student Council 2."

Jail Beak! 1 2 3 (early 2002?-late 2004?)
Three amazingly fun games! About one intrepid prisoner who must dig through the walls of his prison, swim home from Alcatraz, and enjoy other wacky adventures. The first one is impossible to beat, so you can just play for a few hours and stop. The others are beatable. I never thought anyone would actually beat these games and when people spent all night doing so and I found out I said "...."

Jeff /Killer Gold (Late 2001)
Does this really need explanation? It's a silly little ditty of a "game," very dated, but still vaguely amusing. The spin-offs aren't worth mentioning, but here they are listed (I am not proud of them):
* Kyle /Killer Platinum -- You can still see "Jeff" in the title.
* Kyle /Killer Zirconium -- When you try to kill him it says "You do not have the correct IRC operator privileges."
* N-/Killer -- You choose the name of the person you /kill

kYLE (?)
Cool! A response to Kyle's masterful bANJO game. If you're wondering who Kyle is, he was a simple person. Now I never see him any more.

Some random insubstantial games I made/worked on that I might upload some day:
* Mr. Evans's Grammar Adventure (1 & 2) -- my generic birthday/Christmas gift if I can't think of anything else
* Cook Hunter 3000
* Splash Mountain Adventure


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